Our opinion is, however, absolutely excellent… “There have been better years and there have been worse”, as the breeders would say.  

As already pointed out in our blog with the announcement of the start of the 2012-2013 free-ranging acorn campaign, the spring and summer of 2012 have been scarce in rain, in general dry and even very dry in some areas. However, the late rains in September and October have saved the forecast of a very poor campaign. These same rains have also delayed the ripening of the acorns and the beginning of the pigs’ free-range period in about a month in comparison with other, more normal, years in as far as precipitation is concerned.  

Hence, in general it can be said that thanks to this rainfall the production of acorns has not turned into a catastrophe, although what is also true is that in quite a few of the free-ranging estates the season has been short (due to the fact that it was initially delayed) If in addition to this we add the fact that some of the meadows, in particular the area of the Valle de los Pedroches, have had a relatively poor production of acorns, then for many Ibérico breeders this has been a normal or bad season in comparison with other years, this both in quality and amount.   

At FISAN, as we have been doing for more than a hundred years, we have planned the season with lots of time and painstaking care, having already studied the areas with less acorns during the summer and finding the best meadows for the upcoming free-ranging period. Hence, this year we have found estates of great quality and with great amounts of acorns (as you have been able to see in our Facebook). We have obtained an outstanding quality during the free-range period in most of the estates where our pigs roam and this has also been possible thanks to the lower number of pigs that have been free-ranging, hence allowing us to finish off the acorn season with a classification that can be said to be “excellent”.   

At any rate, our evaluation of the FISAN campaign has been highly positive. We will be asking about your evaluation, which is far more important, as of the month of June, when the first Acorn-Fed Loins, Chorizos and Salchichones corresponding to the 2012-2013 will be available. When the time comes we will announce our arrival on the market with these Campaign products; although please consider yourself as invited to share your opinion with us as soon as you try them.