The Acorn Campaign 2018 is underway  

The Acorn Campaign 2018 is underway at our facilities, and this year the perspectives are extraordinary  

The acorn campaign this year actually started with the month of January already with us, representing a slight delay in comparison with other years. In fact even more so than last year, as this year the Ibérico pigs have gone into the meadowlands for their free-range period quite a bit later; the reason for this is that the abundance of acorns on the Holm oaks has remained on the branches throughout October and November without falling to the ground to be profited by the drove of pigs. Thus, we have allowed the droves to fully enjoy themselves and allowed them to remain free-ranging for as long as necessary during the two-fold FISAN free-ranging period.  

Hence it has been thanks to the double surface that they have at their disposal and thanks to having waited until acorn profiting was absolutely optimal that the quality of the acorn-fed Ibérico pigs that we have received in Guijuelo this year is exceptional, with promises of flavor and texture at the height of the most outstanding campaigns in history.  

So all you need now to really enjoy their resulting products at their perfect point of consumption is patience. Here below in the following table you can see the different curing periods needed for each variety of acorn-fed sausage meats so that they can reach their perfect point of curing.  




 210 days



 180 days

Chorizo Picante


 180 days



 180 days

Chorizo vela


 90 days

Salchichón Vela


 90 days

Longaniza roja


 90 days

Longaniza blanca


 90 days



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