Do you want to be the first to try them out? Participate in our draw and win two special FISAN lots.

Just like every year, during the month of June curing of our first acorn-fed campaign Loins, Chorizos and Salchichones is perfectly completed and they are now ready to go. And this time from FISAN we want to offer our fans the opportunity to try them right away. This is the reason why we are organizing a promotion in our FACEBOOK in the shape of a draw of two special lots, each one with three pieces of our three acorn-fed sausage meats.

If you have been following our Blog you are well aware that this year’s Acorn-Fed Campaign is considered to be historical, both due to the amount and the quality of the acorns that the Iberico pigs have been feasting on during their free-ranging period in the meadows. Hence, these very first products of the campaign hold the promise of also offering us truly unique quality.

Just have a look at the promotion on FACEBOOK, as participating is very easy. All you have to do is follow our page (by clicking on “like”) and answer a very simple question. Which is your favourite FISAN Acorn-Fed Sausage Meat?

You can participate as of June 16 through to June 30 of 2014. On the 1st of July, at 10:00 o’clock in the morning we will be holding the draw to find the winners from among all the participants. Thus, the two fortunate participants will enjoy the opportunity to be the first to savour our Acorn-Fed Loin, Chorizo and Salchichon.

Take this opportunity to be the very first to relish the incredible flavour of the 2013/2014 Acorn-Fed Campaign. You will never forget it.

Good Luck!!!!

By the way, if you are encountering difficulties to participate in the promotion with your smartphone, simply do it from your computer or leave us a comment right below this text with the words “I want to participate” and we will add you to the draw.