The small crystals of Tyrosine are the best indication of the excellent curing process that FISAN acorn fed hams and shoulder hams undergo.

Acorn fed Ibérico hams and shoulder hams experience an enzymatic process of protein degradation that releases tyrosine when their curing and maturing process in the cellar is gradual and undisturbed. This amino acid, which is not highly soluble, gradually crystallizes in the measure that the ham or shoulder ham is dehydrating during the months or even years that it spends in the cellar maturing. The result is a series of tiny white crystals that appear in the ham when it is carved. This is a phenomenon that you can easily observe in FISAN hams and this is because there is something that is never missing in our curing cellars: Patience.  

The presence of these crystals is an indication that the curing of the ham has been slow and gradual. In Guijuelo we enjoy the perfect circumstances so that this process will take place, hence providing our FISAN acorn fed Ibérico ham, in all its categories, with an extraordinary depth of flavor and unique aromas.   

On the other hand, have you ever seen a package of vacuum packed sliced ham or shoulder ham covered in a sort of white veil? Have you never seen a slice of ham covered with a sort of whitish film when it has been drying out for a few minutes? This is Tyrosine as well. Although in this case it unfortunately indicates quite the contrary. This is something that you will never see in a FISAN acorn fed Ham. When the ham undergoes artificial acceleration in its curing, our amino acid detector does not have time to form the small crystals, forming instead this sort of whitish film as it crystallizes when it dries out after being sliced.  

Tyrosine is also something that appears in some of the great cheeses, such as Parmesan, which just like our Guijuelo acorn fed hams, undergoes a slow curing process until it reaches its plenitude of flavor. So now you know, the tyrosine crystals allow us to easily recognize how well cured our FISAN acorn fed ham actually is!