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Discover the secrets behind the carving of a FISAN Acorn-Fed Iberico Ham in our videos.

Basic principles on carving an Iberico Acorn-Fed Ham

Practical tips and all you need to know in order to start carving a FISAN Iberico Acorn-Fed Ham.

How to carve and distinguish the different parts of an Iberico Acorn-Fed Ham

Which are the parts of an Iberico Acorn-Fed Ham? Enjoy the description of the main parts of a FISAN Iberico Acorn-Fed Ham, its characteristics and how to carve it.

How to store an Iberico Acorn-Fed Ham once the first slice has been carved

Which is the correct way to present a plate of Iberico Acorn-Fed Ham? A video with different ways of carving a slice of FISAN Iberico Acorn-Fed Ham and its plating.

How to store an Iberico Acorn-Fed Ham once the first slice has been carved

All you need to know so that your FISAN Iberico Acorn-Fed Ham will not lose any of its wonderful properties with the passing of a few hours... or even a few days.

How to recognize a good Iberico Acorn-Fed Ham

The essential information so as to value an Iberico Acorn-Fed Ham of great quality.


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