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From the pig, even the swagger and from the Ibérico Ham, even the tiniest little speck of meat

This is something that is so well known that even our proverbs speak of the fact that every single last bit of pig is used and nowhere like Guijuelo is this reality an absolute maxim: applied to the Ibérico pig and to each and every one of its traditional resulting products, in particular the Ham.


It is precisely from that popular wisdom and without any contradiction whatsoever with the current nutritional trends, that unsuspected uses for our leading product arise. Today we are presenting a formula that will allow us to use those “longish bits and pieces” of the ham, which are very dry and well cured and that we sometimes have to remove from the inner part of the ham or shoulder ham to allow us to make smooth even-sized slices.


Here in Guijuelo, those longish cuts, with a very consistent and almost dry texture, have a consumer awaiting them as if they were a sweet treat: six-month old babies and even older babies sprouting their first teeth. When we were little our parents used to give us these pieces and now we continue to do the exact same thing with our kids. We give them these pieces as soon as their teeth start sprouting, with due permission from the paediatrician, so that they can slowly chew on them, just as if they were enjoying a lollipop. Children adore these pieces and while they enjoy them their gums toughen up and it helps with the pain they feel during the different teething stages.


We must not let these traditions die out. And even less so if they are good for us. So, when you are asking your butcher for your favourite Ibérico Ham, tell him how you use those longish bits and pieces. You’ll have given him a good idea so that he can make all his clients’ children happy.