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Natural Iron? Yes please!

Although it may not appear to be true, in nutrition not all that appears to be is actually iron. Unlike other famous sources of this mineral, acorn-fed Ibérico ham has a high concentration of iron and with excellent biological availability.


One of the main nutritional virtues of acorn-fed Ibérico ham is its high concentration in iron, an essential mineral for the formation of haemoglobin, development of the organism and a multitude of physiological functions. Its content practically reaches that of red meat and according to pharmaceutical magazines, it has an iron content that almost doubles that of Serrano ham or Parma ham. This is precisely the reason why Ibérico ham is recommended when iron is low in the body, such as in the case of anaemia and for everybody during all stages of their life. In particular women, who require a daily amount of this element that practically doubles the requirements of men, and this at all ages.


However, the mere fact that a food product contains a lot of iron, as is the case with acorn-fed Ibérico ham, is not necessarily a guarantee that this iron can be “correctly” captured during digestion. Fortunately, Ibérico ham also has a high content of “HEMO or hemeprotein” iron that has good biological availability and is easily assimilated by the body. Hence, most of it can be duly profited.


Our body’s ease for assimilation of iron accentuates the “Popeye paradox”. As you know the myth about Popeye and spinach arose at the time due to a graphic chart error that made the scriptwriters of the famous cartoons “think” that spinach had ten times more iron than it actually has. So, the myth about “eating a lot of spinach to make you strong because it has a lot of iron” was born from an erratum that was gradually incorporated into our popular culture.


Even so, the erratum is not the only thing that influences the fact that spinach provides far less iron than we used to think. Its content in iron (4 mg/100g) is actually quite high amongst the vegetable world; however, spinach contains a lot of oxalic acid. And this acid interferes with the absorption-assimilation capacity of iron (likewise of calcium and magnesium); which results in only profiting 5% of the iron that spinach contains.


The truth of the matter is that spinach is a good food product, with lots of vegetable protein, fibre and vitamin C; however, we should not consider it as an abundant source of iron for the body, because it is not the case at all. As we always say, the best thing one can do is to follow a balanced diet that includes all the necessary nutrients obtained from rich and varied sources.


And amongst these sources FISAN Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham should never be missing. Apart from iron and zinc, Ibérico ham also has many nutritional virtues that we will gradually breakdown. By the way, this time we do not want to forget about FISAN acorn-fed Ibérico loin, which has a similar amount of iron to ham and is also an extraordinary pleasure for the palate.


We will be back with vitamins!!

The content of this article is merely for information purposes and it cannot replace the advice of your doctor or nutritionist. If you were to need professional advice, if you want to follow a particular diet or if you have nutritional problems, you should see your doctor who will recommend the best professional for each case.