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When Mr. Fidel Sánchez decided to transform the tradition of the slaughtering and production of hams and sausage meats for their own consumption into a family-run business a hundred years ago, he probably did not imagine that he was sowing the seeds of a family business project that a century and three generations later continues to grow, overflowing with hopes and projects.

And this is precisely the path on which FISAN permanently remains, as in these changing times of increasing exigencies, work, research and constant dedication have resulted in the only possible recipe to preserve the traditional flavour of the best Ibericos as an ideal. As a banner!


From the first facilities right through to FISAN's current facilities in Campillo de Salvatierra (municipal district 200 m from Guijuelo), decades of effort and investment have elapsed in order to achieve modern and exemplary facilities. Even so part of the original charm of these types of installations is preserved, this by way of the manual opening and closing of the windows facing the sierra. Thus the privileged climatic conditions that Guijuelo has to offer are treasured throughout all the seasons of the year.

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Guijuelo, located in an area that is surrounded by three sierras (Gredos, Béjar and Francia), counts with its own microclimate that is mainly characterised by its long, dry and cold winters with a reduced, dry "hot" season. This suitability for drying and curing of meat products was already a major factor hundreds of years ago, laying the foundations for the production of Iberico pig products (in particular hams) as the main path for economic development for this area of Salamanca that is of an eminently rural nature.

FISAN still continues to form part of the Guijuelo Denomination of Origin Regulator Board.

Twenty-six years ago Mr. Florencio Sánchez along with other entrepreneurs in the region decided to join their forces to create the Guijuelo Denomination of Origin Regulator Board, the doyen among the denominations of origin in Spain that are dedicated to the Iberico breed. FISAN's wager on this denomination of origin was of such importance that Mr. Florencio Sánchez was actually a member of the regulator board during the decade of the nineties. Not only the standards of quality of Guijuelo Iberico products were raised thanks to this entity, but in fact the image and prestige of the products produced in the area expanded to the entire national territory. Not much later this prestige continued to flourish at an international level.