Alta Gastronomía Acorn-Fed 100% Iberian Ham

Sweetness, intense flavour, alluring aroma, fresh and long-lasting, these are all the hues and nuances that the Alta Gastronomía Acorn-Fed Ham offers the palate. Its infiltrations of fat in turn make each and every slice melt in your mouth, allowing its memory to endure, bringing us its reminiscences of the more than forty months of natural cellar curing it has undergone.

The secret resides in the selection of the best raw material: only the most exceptional pieces are classified as Haute Cuisine. Patience and abundant resting time in cellars that are open to the breeze of the Sierra, culminating in the best ever Acorn-Fed Ham that your palate can ever remember.


Colour: lean pink-red purple with rosy hued white fat marbling.
Flavour: mild and aromatic.
Aroma: characteristic cured.
Appearance: uniform and juicy.


Between 7 and 9,5 Kg.

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