The LIMITED EDITION 2013 represents a selection of 30 hams, which have been chosen from amongst the most extraordinary FISAN Alta Gastronomía Acorn Fed Hams, cured for a period of 56-60 months in drying sheds and natural cellars, with scarce light, noise and with much care and tremendous amounts of patience. Following this lengthy period they can best be enjoyed at a temperature of about 22ºC, which brings them right up to absolute perfection. This ham offers a persistent and sweet reminder in mouth due to its deep and fresh aroma and also thanks to its fine dark pink color and extraordinary fat marbling, which translates into a mouth melting texture.

We recommend that you always enjoy this ham in its hand-carved version and in a rather brief space of time, that is five or six days at the most, as once the ham has been opened it quickly oxidizes.


Colour: lean pink-red purple with rosy hued white fat marbling.
Flavour: mild and aromatic.
Aroma: characteristic cured.
Appearance: uniform and juicy.


Between 7,5kg y 8,5kg.