To commemorate their 100th anniversary, FISAN has selected pieces from the Vintage of 2012, which met the organoleptic characteristics required to be a part of this exclusive Limited Edition. We offer this selection to our clients accompanied by a carefully compiled book presented in a luxury case.

The Alta Gastronomía acorn-fed ham from the Reserva Privada (a private selection) of 2012 has been cured for 100 months in FISAN’s natural cellars in Guijuelo under conditions of darkness, silence, watchful care and large quantities of patience. The attentiveness dedicated to these pieces since their rearing translates into the unique selection offered by FISAN each year.


The pack contains the following:
– A luxury case.
– 3 packets of Alta Gastronomía Acorn-fed Ham cured for 100 months
– A book commemorating FISAN’s centenary where the reader will discover the culture, tasting and subtlety of FISAN ham.


Bright colour, intense scent. Nutty nuances, deep flavour with sweet notes. Smooth and juicy texture.


The packet weighs 80g.