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At FISAN certification of our products by the Guijuelo Denomination of Origin Regulator Board and CALICER offers our clients an added guaranty of quality with regards to our production.

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Although the best certificate that FISAN can offer is the wide-spreading recognition of the quality of our production, both among our professional clients and our consumers, as well as among the specialized media groups that have the opportunity to try our products at tasting sessions.


The awards that FISAN has received, such as the MASTER INTERNACIONAL DE EMPRESAS (INTERMASTER) (International Master of Companies) that was obtained in 1998, the PRIX GOURMET 2013 to the best “gourmet” products of the Marie Claire Magazine, the Gold Medal in the international IFFA Frankfurt 2013, considered by many as the “Oscar” of Ham and Sausage Meats, all reaffirm the objective quality of our production at both a national and international level.