El Sabor Tradicional de la Alta Gastronomía desde 1920
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Certifying Excellence


The awards received consolidate the quality of our products at national and international levels.

2021 Superior Taste Award by the prestigious International Taste Institute of Brussels.
3 Stars awarded to our Haute Cuisine Bellota 100% Ibérico Ham, 3 Stars to our Bellota 75% Ibérico Ham, and 2 Stars to our Traditional Flavour Cebo de Campo 75% Ibérico Ham.

SIAL Innovation Paris, 2018.
Haute Cuisine Truffled Bellota Salchichón.

Gold Medal at the IFFA Frankfurt 2013 international competition, for many, the Oscars of ham and cured meats.

Business International Master’s Degree (INTERMASTER), awarded in 1998.

Our commitment to quality and food safety is reinforced, reaching the standards stipulated by market regulations.


European standards certification aimed continuous improvement throughout the entire production process.

In our relentless search for excellence in our products and production processes, at FISAN, we work to ensure compliance with the European standards of food hygiene and safety throughout our entire production process.

The main food safety standard is IFS FOOD V.7, recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) to audit food manufacturers, which is focused on the food safety and quality of processed products.

To ensure and endorse our commitment to quality, SAI GLOBAL has certified FISAN’s compliance with the IFS FOOD V.7 standard in all our activities associated with salting, drying, refrigeration, boning, and vacuum packaging.


All FISAN Ibérico products are prepared in accordance with the regulations in force for the production of meat products.

CALICER, an agrifood product certification entity, has certified that FISAN Ibérico products meet the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, as established by Quality Standard RD 4/2014 for ham, shoulder ham, Ibérico loin, and Ibérico pork meat.

You can find the number PI/0163/04 on all FISAN Ibérico products.


Ever since 1986, when the PDO Guijuelo was founded, this regulatory board has been ensuring FISAN’s traditional way of producing ham and shoulder ham in accordance with the Guijuelo production standards.

FISAN is a founding member of this board, whose work is based on ensuring compliance with traceability from the Ibérico pig’s origin to product marketing regulations, reinforcing the authenticity and unique characteristics of Guijuelo products.

SINCE 1920

About us

When more than one hundred years ago, our grandfather, Mr Fidel Sánchez, decided to turn the slaughtering and production of ham and cured meats for private consumption into a small family business, he could hardly have imagined that he was sowing the seed of a family business project that one century and three generations after continues growing, fuelled by enthusiasm and projects.