FISAN’s acorn-fed Iberian Spicy Chorizo is elaborated with the traditional lean loin marinade and with fine pork meat like presa (an acorn-fed cut taken from the pig’s upper shoulder) and secreto (a meat cut formed by muscle fibres and fat marbling) which are never frozen. Its original natural ingredient is the excellent and spicy pimentón de la Vera (paprika produced in the area of Extremadura, Spain). This paprika penetrates the lean meat making it juicy. FISAN’s acorn-fed Iberian Spicy Chorizo delights palates looking for a strong and savoury taste. Its curing process is fundamental, and it takes place in the natural dryers that FISAN has in Guijuelo. This process requires very specific humidity and temperature conditions, which restricts its production to a limited number of pieces. After curing patiently for at least 5 months in FISAN’s cellars under strict controls, this delicacy is ready to be enjoyed on your table.

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Whole spicy chorizo

29,00 VAT included

Traditional Flavour pack containing 2 halves of spicy chorizo

32,00 VAT included

Traditional Flavour pack containing 3 cold-cut halves (1/2 loin, 1/2 salchichon and 1/2 spicy chorizo)

75,00 VAT included

Traditional Flavour pack containing 3 cold-cut pieces (1 loin, 1 salchichon and 1 spicy chorizo)

130,00 VAT included

1 x Traditional Flavour Box – PERFECT FOR A GIFT

59,00 VAT included

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In Spain: Delivery in 3 working days on all products. Outside Spain: delivery in 9 days after the confirmation of payment and in 12 days if they are products carved or sliced

Product Details


Colour: reddish lean meat. Flavour: spicy. Smell: cured. Appearance: consistent cular bar (wrapped with the thickest part of the pig’s intestines)


Between 1.2 and 1.5 kg.


Acorn fed iberico pork meat, spicy pimentón de la Vera, salt, garlic, dextrin, dextrose, milk powder, sugar, emulsifiers (E-450i, E-451ii), antioxidants (E-301, E-316, E-331iii),preservative (E-252) and food colouring (E-160c).


Store in a cool and dry place


Milk. Gluten-free.

NUTRITION FACTS (Referring to 100gr.)

ENERGY (kJ/kcal) 1985/480
FAT (g) 38,9
of which saturated (g) 15,6
of which unsaturated (g) 23,3
of which sugars (g) 1,9
PROTEIN (g) 30,1
SALT (g) 1,7