Diego Guerrero

Creations for the presentation
of the Gran Reserva Year 2013 Limited Edition

The most extraordinary Traditional Flavour is presented to society hand-in-hand with the most current of Haute Cuisine.

About Diego Guerrero:

Diego Guerrero opened the restaurant in Madrid on the 1st of July of 2014, the same under a Project that was named DSTAgE Concept. Ever since its opening this gastronomic space has served about 26,000 customers, while in turn receiving 50,959 online reservation requests, adding up several distinctions during this time that round out the balance. Two Michelin stars, two Guía Repsol soles and another two Guía Metrópoli Ms (the latter published by the daily newspaper ‘El Mundo’), as well as the ‘Revelation Restaurant’ Metrópoli 2015 Award, along with an honorary mention as ‘Restaurant of the Year’, granted by this magazine and the award to the Best Chef and Best Restaurant, the same being decided by the subscribers of the magazine Revista Gourmet.