The Collaboration

The Research on Flavour by Ricard Camarena.

Ibéricos FISAN promotes research on the endless possibilities of the Ibérico flavour in fine gastronomy by way of the alliance it holds with Chef Ricard Camarena in whose kitchen flavour is the basis of all his work. Ricard Camarena works on a highly elaborated gastronomy, overflowing with technique and always at the service of the product’s flavour.

In the words of Florencio Sánchez himself: "When I became acquainted with Ricard Camarena’s work, I discovered that there is great parallelism between his project and trajectory and the story and spirit of our own family. That is when we realised that working with Ricard would be a simple matter, with an elaborated and highly satisfactory result for all of us. There is no doubt that we were absolutely right.”.

It is precisely from his centre of operations, the Camarena Lab, from where the ideas arise that allow Camarena and his team to continue at the vanguard of cuisine, maintaining that complicated balance without losing sight of tradition. Recipes that, although at first sight may appear quite simple, do in fact require a high level of technique and an entire research process that has resulted in many important awards such as a Michelin Star and Three Repsol Soles.

This alliance for the research of flavour required many months of inspiration, creativity, hard work and a deluge of passion, during which Camarena and his team experimented with FISAN products to develop new formulas that enhance the Ibérico flavour.

Chef Ricard Camarena submerged himself in the savoir faire of FISAN Ibéricos in order to personally become acquainted with the process involved in producing the products. All this ranging from the raising of the livestock and pasturing of the pigs in the meadowlands, right through to the curing process in the drying sheds. A complete reconnaissance to unravel the secrets of the traditional Ibérico flavour to then transfer all this knowledge to the dish in unique and surprising ways.

In Ricard Camarena’s opinion, "all of us have in mind that magical flavour that endures for a long time after trying a bite of excellent FISAN Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham or a good Acorn-Fed Sausage Meat. We have been working on extracting that essence and incorporating it to new textures and proposals. This is the case of the Tartar of Acorn-Fed Ibérico Presa (shoulder cut). In this dish the addition of a touch of FISAN Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham aids the diner to perceive the familiar element that helps us to easily introduce the diner to the innovative final proposal”.

The bountiful crop resulting from this research was represented in the new elaborations that were in search of surprising and entertaining, the same based on a process of experimentation with stunning combinations that enhance the hues of the Ibérico flavour. Chef Ricard Camarena’s creations were constructed precisely with these new textures, such as acorn-fed chorizo foam, chorizo butter or acorn-fed ham waffle.