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Accesories of the Ibérico world

Accessories for preparing and slicing Bellota Ibéricos hams or sausages

Find the essential accessories to become an expert at slicing ham with FISAN: we offer you stainless steel ham-slicing knives, aprons, serving tongs or exclusive ham holders. Accessories of the highest quality so that you can slice ham and serve it like a true professional.


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All our accessories and complements from the world of Ibéricos

Our Iberico world accessories are intended for professional care when cutting FISAN products.

They will provide you with the necessary help to become a master carver and make the tasting of our hams and cured meats a unique experience.

Ham holder

This tool is essential to make ham carving easier while keeping the piece always fresh and juicy.

Ham slicing knife

Having a suitable knife is a must to achieve the best cut, which should be fine and clean to preserve the product. Made of stainless steel.


When working with ham, it is advisable to protect your clothing. The best option is to wear a ham-cutting apron, as master carvers do.

Ham tongs

They are used when carving ham and designed to transfer the slices to the plate. The best tool to serve ham like a true expert carver.

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