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Rocío Parra

En la Parra Restaurant

Rocío Parra

Rocío Parra and FISAN work together towards a common goal:
Culinary excellence


Rocío Parra and FISAN, two outstanding references in the world of Iberico pork, join forces in the relentless pursuit of gastronomic excellence, mingling tradition, innovation, and boldness to conceive unforgettable culinary experiences.


FISAN and Rocío Parra share a great fondness for artisan work. An inherited skill that has been handed down through generations and, in the case of Rocío, the determination to take risks and challenge conventional rules, has elevated the experience of tasting FISAN bellota products to a whole new level.

Rocío Parra En la Parra


En la Parra Restaurant, Salamanca
1 Michelin Star and 1 Repsol Sun

Since she was a child, the Michelin-starred chef Rocío Parra has felt a strong connection with the world of cooking, a vocation that flourished from her passion for working with her hands. Her interest was not reduced to cooking, but what really fascinated her was exploring the world of endless possibilities offered by each ingredient, especially one for which she had a particular weakness: the product of bellota Iberico.


Embarked on a
sensorial food trip

In the pursuit of culinary excellence, FISAN and Rocío Parra have embarked on a thrilling sensorial food trip. In the pursuit of culinary excellence, FISAN and Rocío Parra have embarked on a thrilling sensorial food trip. The adventure begins in the legendary dehesa, goes through FISAN’s impressive, modern and new factory production plant, passes through En La Parra Restaurant, —the «creativity workshop» that pays tribute to Iberico pork— and culminates with the sublime experience of tasting this gastronomic wonder.

The «Queen of Iberico» and her devotion
to bellota products

Rocío Parra personally selects the raw material from FISAN’s drying chambers in Guijuelo. A seasonal product enthusiast, her cooking is based on love and respect for the produce of the land, which includes FISAN Bellota Ham. She shares these unwavering values with the centenary company from Salamanca.



For her, FISAN products are a primary ingredient, around which she weaves stories in each of her dishes, shaping a true recipe book that takes one back to the dehesa of Salamanca, the origin and soul of the Iberico world. Combining innovation and tradition —another value that is in line with FISAN— Rocío designs captivating dishes such as Pork Jowl Bao, Snout Fritters, or Iberico Cheek Sandwich, which elevate guests’ culinary experience beyond the expectations of the most demanding palates. Her nickname, «Queen of Ibérico», is more than justified.


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