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Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to society and the natural environment

FISAN, working towards sustainable development

We align ourselves with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development created by the United Nations.

Our commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

FISAN with the people. Our greatest asset is the group of people who are a part of FISAN.

The environment. At FISAN we are working to reduce our impact on the planet’s environment, as well as promoting the preservation of the different ecosystems.

FISAN with our social environment. We seek to create added value for our local communities.


As a company that operates in a rural setting, we are aware of our role in the creation of added value, both in terms of the natural and social environments. We want to keep our tradition and continue growing sustainably, respecting the natural landscape. We have identified those Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we can work towards more effectively, incorporating them to better define our sustainability strategy, as well as the contents of our Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Another step we have taken in this regard has been to calculate our carbon footprint for 2022, which has allowed us to estimate the emissions associated to our activities; with this information, we have been able to implement measures to reduce them. One of the actions we have taken this year is to install photovoltaic panels. This way we join the fight against climate change, a situation with numerous harmful consequences to our ecosystems.

As always, we have kept the main focus on each and every person that is a part of FISAN. We are careful to keep our commitment to create quality employment locally. Another one of our core values is training, which is why we offer varied courses touching a wide range of topics to cover the needs and concerns of our team. Moreover, we continue to work toward fulfilling the needs of our clients and offer high-quality products that are up to national and international standards.


We are currently working on the creation of an Action Plan in keeping with the Goals of Sustainable Development, a plan in which we will determine our targets and future actions the SDGs identified as ‘material’. In this way, we contribute to achieving several goals within the 2030 Agenda.


Our greatest asset are the people who are a part of FISAN, people who have made it possible for us to continue our journey these past 100 years. We advance hand in hand with the latest innovations and the highest quality in order to offer our clients the best products.

  • Employees: our greatest asset are the people who are a part of FISAN, people who have made it possible for us to continue our journey these past 100 years.
  • Health and safety: we offer a safe and healthy work environment, fulfilling all current legislation requirements and protecting our team from any risk.
  • Training: it promotes personal and professional development, allowing our people to acquire and improve their skills individually and as a team.
  • Diversity and non-discrimination policies: every work environment should be respectful of diversity and have equal opportunities for everyone. This is why we reject any form of discrimination.


Our activities are deeply connected to nature, which is why we are very aware of the importance of reducing our impact on the environment, as well as how essential it is to promote the preservation of the different ecosystems.

  • Materials and waste: we promote the use of different auxiliary materials for the manufacture, packaging and shipping of our products.
  • Energy and emissions: in 2022 we installed solar panels. Moreover, we have registered our carbon footprint in a carbon footprint Register created by the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.
  • Water: we have a procedure in place for updated water control, based on the Spanish legislation Real Decreto 3/2023, of the 10th of January. Within this document are the technical and health criteria for que quality, control and supply of drinking water.


Companies have an essential role within the fabric of society and the environments in which they operate. This is the reason why at FISAN we try to create added value in local communities, working to reduce any negative impact we may cause to a minimum. For instance, we make available to our clients information about how to eliminate the waste resulting from consuming FISAN products, as well as including recommendations about their proper usage.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report


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