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The Montanera, the most important period in the rearing of bellota Iberico pigs, has begun.

During this time, our pigs feed exclusively on grass, roots and bellotas (acorns), lots of bellotas, borne by holm oaks and the occasional cork oak, which will define the quality of FISAN’s bellota Iberico ham, loin and cured meats. But this year’s Montanera is more than just an annual event, it is a promise of unparalleled excellence and exquisiteness.

Last April, the prospect was far from encouraging… the situation in the countryside was very delicate, the drought was wreaking havoc and the forecast for the summer was dire. However, nature surprised us. In May and June, there was some rain which, although not very abundant, fell in ideal amounts with no downpours, turning the situation around. These rains stimulated the perfect flowering of holm oaks and cork oaks, which, together with plenty of water in October and November, led to an exceptional harvest, described as “historic” in many areas. If the weather holds in the coming months, it will give rise to one of the best vintages of bellota Iberico products in living memory.

During these weeks, our attention is fully focused on the Iberico pigs that graze in the dehesas, and we travel to Extremadura and Andalusia to closely monitor the Montanera.

The quantity and quality of the bellotas determine the organoleptic characteristics of the bellota Iberico products. And, although the Montanera has just begun, we are looking forward to achieving one of the best FISAN bellota campaigns, which will allow us to offer the best pieces of fresh meat as well as our excellent and exquisite bellota Iberico hams and cured meats. Get ready to taste something extraordinary!


Holm oaks during the Montanera

Iberico pigs roaming