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Chuletas maduradas FISAN: producto ibérico con estrictos controles de calidad, garantía de seguridad en su consumo

It is the current trend in gourmet fancy food and the most sought-after product among unique gastronomic experience enthusiasts.. We are talking about matured meat, a way of processing meat products to extract outstanding qualities and unparalleled culinary potential.. To further explore this growing gourmet trend, we will answer five of the most frequently asked questions about this premium delicacy.

1. What is matured meat?

Matured meat is the term used for the end product obtained from the process of drying the piece for a certain period of time in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment.. To complete the maturation process, meat must undergo two key moments:

  • Loss of a large amount of water
  • Rupture of muscle fibres

2. What steps does the maturation process involve?

The meat maturation process must take place in a controlled environment, with certain humidity and temperature requirements. The fresh meat piece is stored in a suitable chamber to optimise the conditions of this technique, also known as standing or settling.

To understand the process, it should be recalled that the meat’s original composition includes collagen and muscle fibres.. Time and specific environmental conditions trigger different biochemical reactions that lead to two effects, namely:

  • More tender and juicier meat, as a result of the breaking of fibres.
  • Nuances and new aromas, from the appearance of aromatic compounds.

3. What types of matured meat are there?

Matured meat is a trend in gourmet fancy food.. Yet, the market already offers different types of matured meat according to the animal it comes from.. Its age, size and cutting guidelines are also influential factors in the minimum curing time reaching longer or extreme maturation.

Matured beef: cow, ox and calf

For calves of up to one year old, minimum maturation is between 7 and 12 days. On the other hand, yearlings, require 14 days, while for cows or oxen, the minimum maturation is 30 days. In longer maturation processes, the period is extended beyond 120 days.

Matured lamb and sheep meat

This type of meat from lambs and sheep requires a minimum maturation time of 6 to 9 days. There are also longer maturation processes that range between 30 and 60 days and are used for older ovine specimens: females between 20 and 24 months old that have fed on natural pastures.

Maturation of pork meat

In the case of pork meat, the minimum time required is between 3 and 6 days. From then on, different maturation periods that last for months can be tested. The purpose of this process is to achieve more tender and juicier meat with extraordinarily powerful flavours and aromas.

Meat maturation provides new qualities that enhance its properties, flavours and aromas

4. What are the nutritional benefits of matured meat? 

Matured meat preserves its original nutritional properties.. Since it is a slow drying process, maturation makes it easier for nutrients to remain intact, so that they can provide benefits such as:

  • Satiating power.. The intense flavour of matured meat makes its satiating capacity greater than that of fresh meat, also helping you to want to eat less.
  • Easy digestion.. Maturation breaks down the muscle fibres, thus making it easier to digest and assimilate the meat. 

Added to its nutritional benefits are the organoleptic properties of matured meat, which set it apart from other meat specialities:

  • Flavour intensity
  • Juiciness and tenderness
  • Variety of aromas

5. What flavour and gastronomic experience does it offer?

The flavour of matured meat is characterized by its intensity which, added to its aromatic potential, makes tasting it a true gastronomic experience. Matured meat is already the star product on the menus of haute cuisine restaurants and the leading ingredient in delicious grilled or barbecued cooking suggestions, fit for the most refined palates.

Matured meat: a unique culinary experience. Is it 100% safe? 

The gastronomic experience is guaranteed and so is the safety of its consumption. Referring to the scientific opinion of experts of the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), the AESAN (Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition) states that “matured meat has no additional risk compared to fresh meat, provided its maturation is carried out under controlled conditions”. 

To ensure this consumption it is necessary to perform the appropriate controls and maintain an optimal environment, both in terms of humidity and temperature.

FISAN extreme maturation pork chop, an haute cuisine fancy 

At FISAN we are proud of being pioneers in the maturation of Bellota Iberico pork chops.. They come from whole loins of Iberico pigs that have been raised in freedom in the dehesas, the Spanish word for a particular type of meadow, after months of enjoying the montanera grazing period and their favourite food: acorns.

Matured FISAN Bellota Iberico pork chop, a 7-month matured gourmet delicacy

The secret of FISAN matured pork chops: their origin

FISAN maturation is unique: its pork chops, aged for 3, 5 and up to 7 months are no secret. Indeed, the secret of pieces such as our Iberico bone-in loin is no other than their origin: FISAN Bellota Iberian breed pigs that have been raised in freedom feeding on acorns.. This modus vivendi makes the pork meat exceptionally tasty and achieves an extraordinary fat marbling that enhances after months of curing.

This is how we produce slowly matured Bellota Iberico pork chops

with the character that only acorns can provide Iberico pork chops with and the intensity that time and patience afford.

Matured Bellota pork meat: a gourmet experience

At FISAN we are aware of the control and care that is required to obtain the best results for this speciality, particularly when dealing with long maturation periods that take 7 months, as is the case with our extreme maturation Iberico pork chops,only available for professionals upon request. This is why we apply strict quality controls and comply with all the food safety regulations so that the maturation of the Iberico bone-in loin takes place in optimum conditions.

We are continuously carrying out research and exploring to offer the latest in gastronomic experiences and meet the demands of the most exquisite palates. At FISAN we innovate in tradition, with the same quality as always, to offer the best of Iberico.