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Discover the secrets of FISAN cured meats and learn step by step how we can obtain top-quality bellota cured meats
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To talk about FISAN bellota cold meats, we must start by revealing one of our best-kept secrets: the raw meat they are made with. At FISAN we always use presa and secreto, the noble parts of our Iberico pigs that freely roam the dehesa feeding on acorns. Only thus can we obtain top-quality bellota cured meats.

To preserve our cured meats’ traditional flavour, the manufacturing process involves very meticulous steps and strict controls. In the case of chorizo and salchichon, production begins with the selection of the meat pieces, which are then minced, mixed with the appropriate amount of the pig’s own fat, seasoned, and, finally, left to dry.


FISAN chorizos and salchichones are characterized by the abundance of lean pieces from noble parts, such as presa or secreto, which are mixed with the lean of the pigs that are sacrificed to prepare the batch of cured meats Once the meat has been minced, mixed and seasoned, the resulting compact mass is left to stand at a low temperature, around 4 degrees centigrade, so that it hardens to the point where it is ready for casing. The meat is never frozen. When tempered and compact, the process of stuffing it into natural tripe casings begins.

Corte de un lomo de presa de bellota FISAN
A perfect cured Iberico Bellota Presa

Once cased, FISAN iberico bellota cured meats are taken to our drying chambers, where they are hung and left to stand for at least four months until they reach the optimal curing point. During these months, the meat undergoes biochemical and microbiological changes that contribute to the development of its characteristic flavour and texture. Over such time, the cured meats are subjected to controlled temperature and humidity fluctuations that contribute to the development of FISAN products’ unique aromas and taste. Hence, this is a key stage for them to become the gourmet products they are.

This phase in the FISAN cured meats preparation is precisely when Guijuelo’s climate, with its cold, dry winters, and short, mild summers, plays a crucial role in their curing.

During the drying process, the windows of our drying chambers are opened and closed to create the optimum ventilation conditions that provide these pieces with freshness, while protecting them against humidity.

And this is how summer arrives, the season when the cured meats of each season can start to be enjoyed.