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Discover the exclusive pieces selected for our vertical tasting at Salón Gourmets. A unique gastronomic experience.
jamones cata vertical

Enjoying a vertical tasting of Alta Gastronomía hams is an unusual and very rewarding event, it is already a unique gastronomic experience.

For the 36th edition of Salón Gourmets, at the FISAN stand we organized an event never before carried out: the vertical tasting of 3 Alta Gastronomía FISAN hams, including a piece from the 2012 vintage, with more than 120 months of curing.

These were the exclusive pieces that we could taste.

Alta Gastronomía Fisan vintage 2012 ham

This ham belongs to a montanera (free-range period) with an abundance of fruit on both the Holm Oaks and Cork Oaks. The bitter cold and the lack of rainfall during the winter have allowed for full profiting of the acorns, with this year 2012 being considered as one of superb quality and profiting of the FISAN Bellota iberico Pig.

Basic tasting notes:
Vibrant colour, intense aroma.
Nutty tones, depth of flavour in mouth with sweet hues.
Smooth and juicy texture.

jamon añada 2012
jamon añada 2012

Alta Gastronomía FISAN Vintage 2015 ham

Very early montanera (the final phase of the acorn breeding period) with an abundance of large nuts. Thanks to the high rainfall, the meadows had a splendid autumn and favoured the growth of the grass. The pigs during the montanera crossed the maximum extension of the meadows, achieving the optimal use of acorns. Exceptional montanera.

Basic tasting notes:
Intense colour and balanced greasiness.
Smooth and juicy texture.
Aftertaste with a variety of intense nuances.

Jamón añada 2015
Jamón Alta Gastronomía FISAN Añada 2015

Alta Gastronomía FISAN Vintage 2019 ham

The montanera grazing period was late, but with optimal results. The montanera grazing period was late, but with optimal results. Despite the acorns began falling late and they were scarce in certain areas, their quality was excellent thanks to the great extent of our dehesas and our double grazing period for the pigs. The result was an extraordinary quality in the acorn-fed products from this campaign.

Basic tasting notes:

The nutty nuances stand out.
As well as the sweet tones that are typical in acorns, thanks to the right amount of salt.
It has a bright, homogenous red colour.
Its flavour is smooth and mellow, with an aromatic taste that lingers on the palate.

Jamón Alta Gastronomía FISAN 2019

The tasting, very successful due to the novelty of its format and the knowledge of its participants, resulted in a unique and unrepeatable experience, which we will tell soon.