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Iberico Pork

Quartering of the Iberico Pig

Identify each of the pieces of Iberico pork

The quartering of FISAN Iberico pork produces tasty and delicious pieces. As well as influencing its processing, how the meat is cut also affects its flavour, properties, texture, and external appearance.

Capitalizing on this culinary potential is, nevertheless, a relatively recent phenomenon. Around the 90s of the 20th century,most of the different Iberico meat cuts were used to make cold meats, not intended to be directly consumed fresh. It was back then that certain pioneering chefs ventured to incorporate the most appreciated fresh pieces of Iberico pork into haute cuisine. This is reflected by Ismael Díaz Yubero, an expert gastronome and 1984 National Gastronomy Prize holder, in his book Gastronomía del cerdo ibérico. The most succulent Iberico pork cuts are currently present on the menus of the most prestigious restaurants in the world.

Discover the FISAN Iberico pork meat cuts that are available from our online store one by one. Then, we encourage you to try them and enjoy the experience.

Cuts of the Iberico pig
FISAN bellota Iberico ham, the star piece of the Iberico pig and a treat for the most demanding palates

Iberico ham

Iberico ham is each of the Iberico pig’s two hind legs after the processes of salting, drying and curing in cellars. The easiest way to enjoy it is by carving it into fine slices and eating it as-is, although it can also be included in other more sophisticated cooking creations.


Apart from being a gourmet product, the seven flavours of each ham part, make FISAN Iberico ham fit to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Iberico shoulder ham

Iberico shoulder ham is each of the Iberico pig’s front legs or trotters . Below are the differences between shoulder ham and ham:


  • Size: a shoulder ham is smaller and weighs less than a ham.
  • Flavour: ham stands out for its wealth of nuances and the quality of its cuts, while shoulder ham surprises with its intensity.
  • Curing time: because it is smaller, Iberico shoulder ham needs a shorter curing period than ham.

The artisanal preparation of FISAN Iberico shoulder ham marks its difference and provides it with a unique flavour. The master butchers of Campillo de Salvatierra (Guijuelo) and the excellence of the raw material result in a selection of bellota Iberico and cebo de campo Iberico shoulder hams to delight the most demanding palates.

FISAN Iberico shoulder ham, a selection of bellota Iberico and cebo de campo Iberico shoulder hams
FISAN bellota Iberico pork loin, one of the most versatile and appreciated parts of the quartering of the Iberico pig

Iberico pork loin

Iberico pork loin comes from the pig’s lower back, next to the ribs. This meat cut is characterized by its elongated appearance and low fat content.


As well as fresh, Iberico loin is also consumed cured and stuffed in natural tripe. The secret of the preparation of FISAN loin is in the raw material and in the maturation process. After slowly curing, FISAN bellota Iberico loin provides a nutrient-rich product and a unique gastronomic experience.

Iberico presa cut

The Iberico presa is taken from the upper shoulder of the Iberico pig. Because of its oval shape, it is also known as bola (ball). . The possibilities of FISAN bellota Iberico presa cut as a cooking ingredient are endless. FISAN presa Iberico cut with cheese snow and small-strawberry ragout, prepared with one of the most exquisite cuts of Iberico pork meat, can be used as an inspiration.


Its rich fat marbling, as well as providing it with extra juiciness, makes it the highest quality Iberico meat cut, greatly appreciated for its gastronomic value.


This excellent part of the Iberico pig is also the star in FISAN Iberico presa loin, a culinary delight prepared in an artisanal way that captivates with its flavour and lures with its aroma.

FISAN bellota Iberico presa cut, a high-gastronomic-value culinary treat
FISAN bellota Iberico pluma, a meat cut that is as exclusive as it is delightful

Iberico pluma cut

The Iberico pluma Iberico pork cut is located between the fore part of the loin and the shoulder, and it is defined by its balanced combination of lean and fat content.. The following characteristics can help to identify it:

  • Triangular, flat and wing-shaped.
  • Juicy, tender, fine and elegant.
  • Its weight of around 250 grams makes it an exclusive cut.

FISAN bellota Iberico pluma only needs to be slightly grilled to enjoy its unique flavour and incredible texture.

Which is richer in fat, pluma or secreto cut?

Pork meat pluma is not as richly marbled as Iberico secreto meat. In fact, secreto is the part which has the highest amount of intramuscular fat, a characteristic that, as well as providing the piece with juiciness, gives it its distinctive marbling.. The pluma pork cut can be identified by its fine balance between fat and lean.

Iberico pork secreto or cruceta cut

Iberico pork secreto cut, also known as Iberico cruceta,consists of muscle fibres and fat marbling. This fan-shaped piece of meat is located under the fat that covers the loin, in the part that is closest to the head. This is why its name makes reference to the hidden nature of its location within the pig’s morphology: it can only be seen if the muscle is horizontally cut.


The quartering of each FISAN pig, raised in the dehesa, yields two pieces of FISAN bellota Iberico secreto that seduce with their delicious flavour as well as with their marbled appearance. Iberico cruceta stands out for its rich fat marbling.


This Iberico meat cut can be enjoyed by just grilling or barbecuing it, or as part of haute cuisine recipes such as FISAN Iberico secreto, shallots and potato souffle, a delicatessen dish that is created using the latest state-of-the-art techniques.

FISAN bellota Iberico secreto cut, an exquisite part of Iberico pork to include in gourmet creations
FISAN bellota Iberico sirloin, an Iberico jewel that is as demanded as it is delightful

Iberico pork sirloin

Iberico pork sirloin pieces are elongated and cylindrical, very lean and clean. This meat cut is located in the lower rib area, at the back of the loin. This star Iberico product plays a central role in recipes such as this sirloin roasted in a cocotte with roast onion and apple sauce.  As for its presentation, it can be in the form of tender sirloin medallions, open as if it were a book or as a whole piece.


FISAN bellota Iberico sirloin is one of the best-known and most demanded cuts by quality Iberico meat enthusiasts.. A sure asset in your kitchen!

Iberico pork chops

come from the loin piece that we mentioned above that is located next to the backbone and under the ribs, although in this case, the Iberico loin piece comes with its bone.. This peculiarity, apart from adding an extra cut to the quartering process, also provides a richer fat and cartilage content, elevating both the taste and the deliciousness of this bellota meat piece.


At FISAN we add novelty to tradition with the same quality as always. Bellota Iberico matured pork chops are the result of time, dedication and research. After 30, 60, or 210 days, in the case of extreme maturation bellota pork chops, the piece becomes established as one of the most appreciated cuts in haute cuisine. A gourmet fancy that takes centre stage in dishes that are full of personality and is only available for professionals, upon request.. Another way of enjoying FISAN bellota Iberico pork chops with a more intense flavour and a wide variety of aromas.

FISAN bellota Iberico extreme maturation pork chop, a haute-cuisine fancy that is the result of time and research
FISAN bellota Iberico Mogote

Pork meat mogote

Iberico pork mogote is the front end of the loin and stands out for the richness of its fat marbling.

FISAN bellota Iberico Lagarto

Iberico lagarto

Iberico lagarto is located between the pig’s ribs and its loin, yielding 3-to-4-cm-thick strips in the quartering process. Its elongated shape, similar to that of a reptile, is what gives name to this tasty Iberico pork piece that is also distinguished by its juiciness.

FISAN bellota Iberico Papada

Iberico pork jowl

Iberico jowl is a triangular-shaped piece that is located in the ventral area of the Iberico pig’s head. It consists of skin tissue, fatty parts and layers of marbled meat. It is an exceptional FISAN pork cut: tasty with a soft texture.. The perfect ingredient to star in some of our Alta Gastronomía recipes!

FISAN bellota Iberico pork cheek

Iberico pork cheek

Iberico pork cheek is the piece of Iberico pork meat that corresponds to the cheek muscles,which are located on the two lower sides of the jaw. It is a lean cut that is characterized by its rounded form and the juicy texture that is provided by its fat marbling.


FISAN Iberico pork cheek is the star ingredient in countless traditional stew recipes, pork cheek in red wine being one of the most popular The result is tender, tasty cheek meat with a melt-in-the-mouth texture that makes it a gourmet delicacy.

Quartering of the Iberico Pig FISAN

Pig quartering: frequently asked questions

The tenderest and juiciest Iberico pork piece is the pluma cut. Its balanced proportions of fat and lean make it the tenderest and finest piece of FISAN Iberico pork. During the montanera, our bellota pluma cut is a present that comes straight from the dehesa.

The best time to enjoy FISAN bellota Iberico pork meat is the season when the bellota pigs are slaughtered. . Each year, during the months of January, February and March, the delicacy of the pieces of montanera meat that are obtained from the pig’s quartering can be enjoyed.. This production of fresh bellota meat is so exclusive that its units are limited.

The best place to buy FISAN bellota meat is FISAN’s online store, open to the public 365 days a year. The most outstanding products in our FISAN pork gourmet meat selection are sirloin, secreto, pluma or Iberico presa cuts. FISAN Iberico pork meat pieces are shipped frozen and vacuum-packed. Quality assurance with the flavour of the dehesa!